Why us?

Regular clean-up has become a real drudgery for all, in this age. Fatigue, lack of time and overwork cause us to postpone regular clean-up. The best way to handle this is working with a specialised company.

Why Use CleanCode?

  • slide2We provide cleaning services customized to your needs.
  • You save time and effort.
  • You no longer have to invest in tools, solutions, and staff.
  • You get longer-lasting results.
  • We enjoy cleaning and paying attention to every nook and cranny.
  • Our equipment is always clean.
  • Our goal is ensuring exquisite cleanliness.
  • Our cleaning services meet even the most demanding requirements, being highly regarded by our customers.
  • We are a resolute team.

Our staff is:

  • medically able to provide this service.
  • made of remarkable, carefully selected, and well trained individuals.

How Is a Cleaning Company Better Than Me?

Besides our lack of time, another major issue is professionalism. The professional equipment used, such as cutting-edge vacuum cleaners or professional cleaning substances that protect the furniture while simultaneously ensuring a well-performed and efficient service that one could never achieve on one’s own.

Why Choose Our Services?

The CleanCode cleaning company values your time, providing professional cleaning and maintenance services for households, mansions, kindergartens, medical practices, offices, beauty salons, embassies and consulates. We are a young team, eager to meet each customer’s demands, and our major strengths include:


  • We are flexible and customize our cleaning services according to your specific needs.
  • Our customer’s health and comfort always come first.
  • We promptly respond to your requirements.
  • Our staff is carefully selected, well-trained, and reliable.
  • Updated criminal and medical records, as well as compliance of a thorough confidentiality agreement, for higher safety.
  • Low prices for flawless cleaning.
  • We are accountable for the services performed.
  • Choose us and you will spend more time with your family!

With the CleanCod cleaning company you are certain you’ve made the right choice, while the service quality will be indisputable. We respond promptly to all cleaning needs, we provide efficient solutions, reliability, trustworthiness, fast performance, and flexibility. Your house is one of your most important investments. Use our cleaning services to keep it clean and well-maintained for your family! Cleanliness is not a luxury, but a necessity, influencing your health and that of the people around you.