About us

A few things about usCleanCod is a cleaning company located in Bucharest, and active in Bucharest and Ilfov. Our policy is to meet and exceed your expectations. CleanCod has solutions for all your cleaning needs. We invest care and passion into cleaning, an approach our customers greatly appreciate. We contribute our cleaning services so that you can enjoy more free time and absolute comfort at home or in the office.


Our staff is well organised according to flexible work schedules; it has custom-made uniforms and appropriate protection equipment, function of the season and the type of cleaning works carried out.

We select our staff based on their last employer’s recommendations, focusing on their reliability, responsible conduct, and performance quality.

Our staff undergo regular trainings on work techniques and use of cleaning detergents and equipment.

We also provide post-construction cleaning services.

Even more, our staff is trained in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety regulations, sanitary laws, and the customers’ internal regulation policies.

CleanCod: the Bucharest Cleaning Company.

Regular cleaning ensures a significantly longer life of carpets, fitted carpets, upholstery, and furniture. We know how to promptly perform any cleaning activity, due to our well-organised system. Our guiding principles are efficiency, flexibility, and professionalism. CleanCod values your time, hence it provides professional cleaning and maintenance services for households, mansions, kindergartens, medical practices, offices, beauty salons, embassies and consulates.