The CleanCod cleaning company values your time, hence it provides professional cleaning and maintenance servicesCleanCod provides cleaning and maintenance services for households, mansions, kindergartens, medical practices, offices, beauty salons, embassies and consulates. Since our aim is building long-term relationships with our clients, you benefit from the best price quotes if you subscribe to our services. Save time and money with our cleaning services, while enjoying all the benefits of a clean and healthy environment.


With the CleanCod cleaning company you are certain you’ve made the right choice, while the service quality will be indisputable. We respond promptly to all cleaning needs, providing efficient solutions, reliability, trustworthiness, fast performance, and flexibility. Your house is one of your most important investments. Use our cleaning services to keep it clean and well-maintained for your family! Cleanliness is not a luxury, but a necessity, influencing your health and that of the people around you.

Find out more about how the CleanCod cleaning company can offer you cleaning services exceeding your expectations and get exceptional cost and time benefits

Given the operational costs reduction pursued by companies, outsourcing cleaning services brings obvious benefits.

By employing a cleaning services provider, companies are able to focus on their main activity, thus significantly reducing costs related to organizing the cleaning activity and the necessary time.

lhd-n-a-a-2aThe cleaning company undertakes all cleaning staff-related administrative issues.
We also provide post-construction cleaning services.
Employees, salaries, employment record books, occupational health and safety, taxes paid.

A crucial advantage is the cleaning services quality. Generally, beneficiaries of such services have very high demands on the quality of cleaning works, since they employed professionals and their expectations increase accordingly.
Should you outsource the cleaning department to us, we can use the existing staff.